Published Short Stories

“Sweet Sixteen” was published with Obelus Journal, 2020

Published Flash Fiction

“The Count” was published with Livina Press, 2022

“Sunday with an Old Friend” was published in On the Run, 2022

“Forty-seven Forty-nine” was published in Farside Review, 2021

“A Guide to Handling your Illness without Insurance” was published online with Storgy, 2021

Published Poetry

“Song” was published in Hare’s Paw Literary Journal, 2022

“A Drinking Bird” was published in issue #1 of Sunthia Magazine, 2022 (defunct)

“Cimitero delle Fontanelle” was published in Foothill Journal, 2021

“I, Eurydice”, “Siren Song”, and “The Goddess Inanna Discovers OnlyFans” were published with Tether’s End Magazine, 2021

“Broca’s Aphasia” was published with Dunes Review, 2021

“2098” was published online with Snarl, 2021

“A Calf for Veal” was published in print in Saltfront: studies in human habit(at), no. 9, 2021

“A Charming Video” was published online with Neuro Logical, 2021

“What Have You Done” was published online in issue #7 of Wild Roof Journal, 2021

“Homeless/Gay/Lightless” was published in print in issue #44 of Sand Hills, 2021

“Thoughts on a Holiday” was published with Funicular, 2020

“Michigan Green” was published online with Dewdrop, 2020

“It and Not It” and “While Wearing Cotton” were published online with The Courtship of Winds, 2020

“After-Swarm” was published online with From Whispers to Roars, 2020

“These Simple Auguries” was published online with Rue Scribe, 2020

“Migraine” was published online with Heartwood, 2020

“My Wedding Photos” was published in Levee Magazine, Issue 02, 2019

“Visit” and “Ribbons and Bows” were published in Juste Milieu, Issue No. 8 (Pop Art), 2019

“I Distinguished the Insect from the Herb” was published in Blue Unicorn, Volume XLII, 2018 print issues only

“Same Sex Summers” was published in The Slanted House, Zine #2 Queer Surfaces, 2018 print only

“Waiting it Out Again” was published in Susurrus, 2013 print only

Creative Writing Awards & Nominations

Last Resort Literary Review, Last Resort Poetry Contest Finalist for “On Spiders”, “Song of a Broken Mannequin”, and “What the Husband Knows about his Wife”, 2022

Best of the Net in Poetry , Nomination for “2098”, from Snarl: A Journal of Literature and Art, 2021

Princemere Poetry Contest, Honorable Mention for “Babcia”, Princemere, 2018

Sacramento Art & Buzz, Best in Short Fiction for “More than Meets the Eye”, SAB, 2012

Publishing & Editing Work

Foothill Journal, Editor-in-Chief, 2022-Present

Horned Things Literary Journal, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, 2021-Present

Passengers Journal, Prose Editor, 2021-Present

Untethered Magazine, Poetry Reader, 2020-Present

R.o.L Journal, Editor-in-Chief, 2012-2017

Susurrus Literary Journal, Editor, 2011

Published Literary Book Reviews & Creative Writing Educational Pieces

Forthcoming with Passengers Journal, “Chris L. Butler’s Sacrilegious”, literary book review, TBA

Passengers Journal, “Kaveh Akbar’s Pilgrim Bell: Poems, literary book review, 2022

Farside Review, “Resonations”, “Three Steps to “Forty-Seven Forty-Nine”, creative writing essay, 2021

SFAC Printing, “Tracy Chevalier’s Girl with a Pearl Earring and the Novelization of Art”, article, 2022

Media Exposure

Farside Review- “Contributor Spotlight: A Conversation with Holly Eva Allen”, an interview on creative writing, 2021

Sacramento Fine Arts Center (SFAC)- “The International Art Scene and Social Media: A Discussion with Innerviews Chairperson Holly Allen”, an interview on fine art and social media, 2013

Conducted Podcasts & Interviews on Creative Writing

Passengers Journal- “Prosecast – Volume 3, Issue 3”, podcast and second interview with Alexander Lopez, 2022

Passengers Journal- “Prosecast – Volume 3, Issue 2”, podcast and interview with Alexander Lopez, 2022

Passengers Journal- “Prosecast – Volume 3, Issue 1”, podcast, 2022

Passengers Journal- “Previewcast – Volume 2, Issue 8”, podcast, 2021