My Wedding Photos

Published in Levee Magazine, Issue 02, 2019   My wedding photos came back and I didn’t look like memory. My face a powdered expanse without depth, flat as a Byzantine Jesus or maybe the asphalt even. My mother was like a wax figure under an unforgiving flame, her eyes fixed somewhere out of focus, out … Continue reading My Wedding Photos


Published in Juste Milieu, Issue No. 8 (Pop Art), 2019   I was a faith hunter, my eyes wrapped in wool. I would stand, third grade height and smaller mind, at the edge of your words with a sharp, crooked wisp of a stick, burned white manzanita branch, looking to spear what syllables best pleased … Continue reading Visit

Same Sex Summers

Published in The Slanted House, 2018   Wavering in bleached cotton, thin-skinned muscle-twitches ring out their juices through faded eye-sockets in the sticky not-so-supple air drenched with night-colors.   The same-sex sinners arrive pregnant minds lay their anchors elsewhere and so, we reel them in with calloused hands into tumultuous shores of shallow depth. Their … Continue reading Same Sex Summers