The Count

A Piece of Flash Fiction Published in Issue 1 of Livina Press, 2022             “Oh my God, Josh is in rehab,” Charlotte gasped histrionically with a wave, spilling a few drops of her French 75 onto her laptop below.             Marcie glanced over her shoulder from the kitchen where she stood emptying a bag of … Continue reading The Count


A Poem Published online with Hare's Paw Literary Journal, 2022 While sitting at the window,eager eyes treading thefaded bitumen and flattened-cola-cans-like-cobblestonesto see the passers-by,the parade of septuagenarian sights comes throughall clamoring cashmeres andstaggering smiles. Because there isa retirement home next doorand not the multicolor-mosaic-glory ofsome national park named fora long dead president,I watch the great … Continue reading Song

I, Eurydice

A poem Published with Tether's End Magazine, 2021 I tried not to let my father’s blazing,my father’s brilliance,blind me beyond belief. Keeping little trophies of average any-daysin my palms, I smiled when I could dolittle else. I listened to the lolling of lazy waterand the stubborn hum of insects in Juneand to your sweet harp playing. Even … Continue reading I, Eurydice

Broca’s Aphasia

A Poem Published in Dunes Review, 2021 The mind’s great faculties worn away, some slick of once-sturdy cerebellum washes away in a steady stream of rain water, down it goes, down the drain. Capitulating to God’s fierce fancies, he offers up his kind language. Goodbye to his goodbyes, his easy greetings too, all verbiage vanished. … Continue reading Broca’s Aphasia


A Poem Published online with Snarl, 2021 When men envision the future,polyester-clad chest over wrought-iron frame echoinglike the long, hollow hold of a wooden boat,they seelittle ray guns, shiny,all chrome and lime greenshooting itty-bitty fireflies into the open air. They see the Jetsons-pastiche ofa candy-apple red hovercar blazingthrough the sticky tar-black backdrop of night.A chorus … Continue reading 2098

A Calf for Veal

A Poem Published in print with Saltfront: studies in human habit(at), 2021 They dared to force me, all sinew and mother-scent, into a plastic castle small enough to force the air from a pigeon-lung. When I was a god, I had castles of marigold-perfume and gilded walls with a gleam-and-glint brave enough to blind the … Continue reading A Calf for Veal

A Charming Video

A Poem Published Online with Neuro Logical, 2021 You’re standing in the woods in North Carolina. Everything is sopping- the air, the timid trees that lean away from you with blushing bark, the shallow footprints with little oceans all their own. Your video is brief but charming. China teeth and pressed plaid, effortless elegance punctuated … Continue reading A Charming Video

What Have You Done

Published online with Wild Roof Journal, 2021 Clamoring into your Buick, your Ford, your hunk of drab fiberglass and stained footing, you set a gleeful course for somewhere once-mentioned, somewhere once-photographed and pasted to the edge of your mother’s headboard with the foggy bloom of super glue and the lonely mauve of waxy lipstick leftovers. … Continue reading What Have You Done

Sweet Sixteen

By Holly Allen Published online with Obelus Journal, 2020 Doug patiently waited over forty minutes for them to make up their minds. He dragged Lawrence off to an old electronics store at the west end of the mall, leaving Louise and Ava hovering over a stale cinnamon roll and a medium diet soda in the … Continue reading Sweet Sixteen

Michigan Green

Published online with Dewdrop, 2020 The waxy paper spouts of the sacred thorn-apples in the glen had fuzz-covered stalks the color of a frog’s underbelly without any thorns at all. There were no apples, either to better that foul-smelling bush that made no appearance in the tanglings of the vestibule garden of the lonely Saint … Continue reading Michigan Green

While Wearing Cotton

Published online with The Courtship of Winds, 2020 Cotton sometimes doesn’t feel like cotton against the bareness of your skin that conjoining of water balloons slopping against some scratchy inch. Cotton sometimes feels like dying or the things that have already been dead like a dog that wandered too far off, thirst radiating from that … Continue reading While Wearing Cotton

It and Not It

Published online with The Courtship of Winds, 2020 The children that run in the skeletal remains of what was once a great public pasture of ornamental grasses and trees decorating themselves with bulbous fruits, red and brown, alien jewels or swollen bellies or the freshly laid eggs of an imagined bird. Under the dried-out corpses … Continue reading It and Not It


Published online with From Whispers to Roars, 2020 I’ve begun to see my home for what it is- an apiary. The cold corner by the bathtub I sit, scrubbing. Scouring the dull, dead flakes of faux-porcelain and cheap linoleum that I outlived once again. Here I scrape out the bad brood, here I wait for … Continue reading After-Swarm

These Simple Auguries

Published online with Rue Scribe, 2020 There is something wholly immutable in these simple auguries I will tell you- 1.Walking round the same two aisles though the breads are stagnant patches, same rye, indelible wheat, silent buttermilk, until my head floats above my body all proofs and prices meaningless. 2.Orbitting steady as planetary fiction from … Continue reading These Simple Auguries


Published online with Heartwood, 2020 Here is a head. It’s not the kind of head you can cut with some plastic sham-of-a knife, thinning out ribbons of lettuce that crackle like aluminum sheets, yearning, pouting for some crushing touch to put the water out.   It’s not the kind of head you can get for … Continue reading Migraine