A Poem

Published in print with Saltfront: studies in human habit(at), 2021

They dared to force me,

all sinew and mother-scent,

into a plastic castle small enough

to force the air from a pigeon-lung.

When I was a god, I had castles

of marigold-perfume and gilded walls

with a gleam-and-glint brave enough to blind

the richest mortal man alive.

Now I stood all womb-leaked and blinky-eyed

in a space without motion.

I could eat and eat and eat and sigh

and stand in stinking stank and slopping-plop.

When I was a god, I had the sky for a tent,

all azure and sun-shameless for my days,

all moon-ever-vigilant for my nights.

And now, look at me.

And now, look what has been made of me.

No castle vast enough to house this hate,

no splendor, no sun, more beautiful than this release.

Out of the plastic, out of the stench,

and out of the flesh.

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